Sunday, January 29, 2012


Creative Legislation

The supporters of Indiana's truly bizarre "creation science" bill once again demonstrate that they know their own:

In committee debate Wednesday, Sen. Scott Schneider, R-Indianapolis, said there are legitimate questions about the theory of evolution and that many scientists agree with the concept of intelligent design, the theory that life on Earth is so complex it was guided by an intelligent higher power.

"What are we afraid of? Allowing an option for students including creation science as opposed to limiting their exposure?" Schneider said.
Right! Intelligent Design Creationism is just "creation science" in sheep's clothing, attempting to slide it pass the courts ... as anyone familiar with cdesign proponentsists already knows.

But it's nice to have confirmation that creationists realize it too.

Don't these people have any clue about what education is? You don't just expose students to any old claptrap or utter bullshit; the point is to explain what we DO know (and how we know it)!
Don't these people have any clue

I seriously doubt it.
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