Monday, January 16, 2012


The God of Football


Among the 70% of Americans who say they know of [Tim] Tebow's success, here's how people by political affiliation responded to this question: "Do believe that any of Tim Tebow's success can be attributed to Divine Intervention?"

– Republicans: 54% yes, 32% no, and 14% no opinion.

– Democrats: 38% yes, 48% no, 14% no opinion.

– Independents: 35% yes, 49% no, 16% no opinion.

Overall, the national average response (as reported yesterday): 43% yes, 42% no, 14% no opinion.
I guess Tom Brady is more righteous in the eyes of the Lord.

This is exactly why I loved it when the Patriots kicked the Broncos' asses.
I was pleased to see the Broncos routed mostly because of the incessant hype over him. I had enjoyed watching the Gators while Tebow was there as they were fun to watch.

As a religious person, I don't view Tebow's prayer pose after scoring as a positive thing. We're supposed to be grateful more generally and besides it implies God cares whether or not Tebow scores. I'd kind of like to see (and I saw this in some skit or commercial) some player saying '... and we'd have won if Jesus didn't make me fumble on the one yard line.'

I'd be more impressed with Tebow's piety if he did the praying thing after he threw a pick.
I'd be much more impressed if he knew what Jesus said about entering into a closet ...
Mike from Ottowa, the latest New Yorker has a cartoon with an angry player saying during a post-game interview: "first, i'd like to blame God for our loss today."
Oops, that was me.
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