Saturday, March 24, 2012


Higgs for President, King, Dictator ... Whatever!

A thought (re: the mini-flap about whether Richard Dawkins is an African ape):

While many people have written interesting blog posts, here, here, here and here about the ape-hood of Richard Dawkins, I humbly suggest there's one more important point to be made. This episode has helped confirm my suspicion that you humans are embarrassed by your relatives. You don't like other apes very much. You think they're ugly and you imagine they're smelly even though most of you have never sniffed a gorilla.


Restoring lost comment:

Ian H Spedding said...

Higgs gets my vote! He certainly has much greater electoral appeal than damn dirty apes like Gingrich, Santorum or Romney. Trouble is, I suspect the cats really run the place already.
I suspect the cats really run the place already.

The problem with that hypothesis is that the place would be working much better than it is if the cats were in charge.
Just a thought, but if people think I'm a bit of a clown for voting for the cat, does that make me one of those elusive Higgs Bozos?
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