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Telling It Like It Is

There's an old joke about Pennsylvania ... the state consists of Philadelphia at one end and Pittsburgh at the other and Alabama in between.

A letter to the editor to the Lebanon (Pennsylvania) Daily News proves the point.

There's two points of interest in the letter. The first is the nature of Intelligent Design:
I recently attended a two-day creation seminar under the instruction of a world renowned science and Bible teacher. The presentation completely invalidated the foolish theories of Charles Darwin and left no doubt of a Creator God and the true science of the Bible.

Here's one fragment of the marvel of intelligent design: The human body contains 100 trillion cells (that's trillions). Each single cell contains the equivilant of the total sum of a large city's components, i.e., bricks, pipes, glass, nuts, bolts, rugs, light bulbs, furnace parts and so on.

That's like 100 trillion cities, each with their trillions of parts, in the human body.
Naturally, there is the oohing and aahing over factoids ... without considering the many more trillions (that's trillions!) of cells in a blue whale's body or what those factoids really mean. More important is the clear recognition that ID belongs in a creation seminar conducted by a Bible teacher. They always know their own.

This is the second point:
Some day there will be a grand book burning of the fables of Charles Darwin. The truth is in the Bible, and that truth is eternal.
Because, of course, "eternal truth" needs to burn any books that might disagree.

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Please note that there already has been a banning of "Writings of a philosophical and social nature whose content deals with the false scientific enlightenment of primitive Darwinism and Monism (Häckel)". I don't know whether this extended to one of the occasions of actual burning of books.

Guidelines from Die Bücherei, 1935. See no. 6.
As the site says:

What was burned? It is difficult to say for sure, in part because there were so many agencies which got involved. According to Leonidas Hill, author of "The Nazi Attack on Un-German Literature, 1933-1945," by 1934, over forty agencies had lists ennumerating 4,100 publications to be banned. The following list is necessarily partial, but should represent the most influential literature blacklists from 1933 to 1935.

The actual burning is less important than the proof of the impulse.
And in each of the trillions and trillions of cities dwell thousands and thousands of teeny-weeny men, women, children, dogs, rats, pigeons...and in each of them dwell...all the way to the bottom.
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