Wednesday, September 26, 2012



Jessica Valenti, at the The Nation, shows Rush Limbaugh how to pwn someone without even thinking of using the word "whore."
Rush Limbaugh is worried about penises. Specifically, he's concerned that feminism (I'm sorry, 'feminazis') have contributed to decreasing penis size. Responding to an Italian study that reports penises are 10 percent smaller than they were fifty years ago, last week Limbaugh pointed to feminism, feminazis and "chickification" as the cause.

Ladies, the cat is out of the bag. Our cover of fighting for equal social, political and economic opportunities for women has been blown. The phallus has always been the centerpiece—and the target—of all feminist thought. The upside is that we can finally be open about our true agenda: A small dick on every man. ('Cause who likes a big one, amirite?!) ...

Back in the day when our sisters-in-arms—witches—were being persecuted, the Malleus Maleficarum (kind of a witch-hunter's guidebook) warned readers of the ways in which we could hide or steal penises. ...

In more modern times, without our witchy powers to take the penis by force, feminists have been forced to use more secretive methods. There's no reason to hide it anymore ... the is our current weapon of choice. You didn't actually think the feminist/vegetarian link was a coincidence, did you?! I mean, tofu is disgusting—of course we had an ulterior motive there. One brave man figured us out—"Soy is feminizing, and commonly leads to a decrease in the size of the penis, sexual confusion and homosexuality"—but we have the government on our side. So no worries, sisters!

Unfortunately, there are too many men who—despite their penchant for tattooed hipster girls—won't submit to eating soybean products, so feminists have had to create an additional strategy: we are fucking the hard-ons right off of you. That's right. You may not know it, but men's penises actually wilt in the presence of a sexually independent woman. Laura Sessions Stepp gets it—nothing a turns a man off more than a lady who wants to sleep with him.
From personal happy experience, however, not all men are turned off by women who make it obvious that they want to do it with him.

I'm just sorry it was Rush Limbaugh who copped onto our 'little' secret....

-- conniving female feminist pew sitter
I sometimes wonder whether the Right Idiot dropped a 'p' out of the spelling of his last name but then I remind myself that such a thought is unworthy. Doesn't stop me thinking it again, though. :-)
"a lady who wants to with him"

Perfectly grammatically correct, and used by both the blogger and the author he quoted.

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