Friday, November 02, 2012


A Slight Interruption

There seems there was a little storm ...

The internet ran away and hid.

It just came back.

More or less regular business will resume shortly.

Kith and kin are all well and safe ... if a little wet and having to steer around a lot of lost trees.

The Ents will be in mourning for a while.

Wishing all as happy an outcome!

Glad to hear you and yours have come through it OK!
At least it put a stop, however briefly, to the relentless electioneering (so every cloud does have a silver lining). How bad was it? Did you take any damage, lose power, suffer any Jerry Coyne-bashing withdrawal symptoms?

It wasn't all that bad where I was on Long Island. There wasn't all that much rain and the winds were only gusting to hurricane levels. A few bits and pieces blew off my house but no major damage. The real problems were caused by the storm surge that got into the subways and the underground utility conduits, eroded the barrier beaches and flooded low lying areas. But don't forget that global warming is a liberal plot and ocean levels aren't rising or causing any problems.

I was lucky as far as power goes and was only out for about 10-12 hours over Monday evening to Tuesday morning. My office in Nassau County had no power from Tuesday through at least Friday. I was without television and internet until Friday afternoon. I spent a lot of time watching DVDs (Derek Jacobi's Cadfael series being a favorite) and playing computer solitaire.

I had already been weaning myself off Coyne-bashing before Sandy. There's only so much fun to be derived from shooting fish in a philosophical barrel.
Yay survival and return of the internets! Glad you all made it - that was one hell of a scary mess.
that was one hell of a scary mess

Yes, it's a mess and will be for a while. But it really wasn't that powerful a storm (at least here in New York/Long Island). Sooner or later we'll be hit by a full-blown hurricane and then maybe people will start understanding what climate change really means.
It was bad enough - glad you're OK!
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