Monday, November 12, 2012



Screaming headline, et al.:
Buying the Election

Liberal Super PACs spend $200M to secure Democratic victories

Liberal Super PACs spent roughly $200 million during the 2012 election cycle on behalf of Democratic President Barack Obama's reelection effort.

Priorities USA Action alone spent more than $67 million. Super PACs overseen by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (Majority PAC) and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (House Majority PAC) spent a combined $68 million.
Um ... Karl Rove's American Crossroads and Crossroads GPS alone spent some $300 million. Conservative PACs spent approximately $716 million as compared to liberal PACs $292 million.

So, just who was trying to buy the election?

But the amuse part:
Despite Obama's professed disdain for the Citizens United ruling, for which he publicly chastised the Supreme Court justices during his 2010 State of the Union address, he ultimately embraced Super PACs in a stunning reversal.
Riiight! If I'm against private gun ownership but it's still legal, I'm supposed to stand still so the other guy can shoot me, without shooting back?

There is something stunning about that ... but not what they think!

Heh, they're just pissed the liberal PACs got better value for money. That's what only Republicans are supposed to be good at in their epistemically-closed little universe.
they're just pissed the liberal PACs got better value for money

Good point! A mere $300 million out performing $700 million? What? ... was Bernie Madoff in charge of the Democratic effort?

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