Wednesday, December 19, 2012


No, Really?

The Mohave (Arizona) County Republican Men's Club had a guest speaker.
The club invited Russ Miller from Creation Ministries (actually, Creation, Evolution & Science Ministries) to give a presentation on Intelligent Design at Monday's meeting. ...
As we all know, because the Discoveryless Institute keeps telling us so, ID is science, not religion.
Miller also derided evolution, the widely accepted scientific view of biological life that grew out of Charles Darwin's work in the 1800s. Miller claimed that evolution has no scientific basis and said that without God's hand in the mix, all living beings on the planet would now be extinct.
Oh, well ... just another one of those fallacious and confrontational statements that could have been scripted by the adversaries of ID if they were looking for ways to make it look bad. (Miller is a young-Earth creationist, after all!)

Or maybe it's just bleeding obvious:
Kingman Mayor John Salem said he was impressed with Miller's speech.

"I think the goal of the party as well as our society as a whole is to let God back into our schools and into classrooms," he wrote in an email. "It sure did help and not hurt when I was growing up."
Ummm ... it didn't make you any brighter, Mayor!

Once again, the rubes just can't get the hang of the DI's wink, wink, nudge, nudge strategy.

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Surely they've dropped the pretence by now. Who is out there that still believes that ID is not religiously motivated at the very least?
Surely they've dropped the pretence by now.

Well, not officially ... though the camel keeps pushing its nose under the tent.

Who is out there that still believes that ID is not religiously motivated at the very least?

Practically no one who knows anything about it, but the DI still holds out hope that some judge might, some day, allow it into public schools. Not that they are anxious to try it, given the 'Dover disaster.' buy cialis no preascription cialis cialis online cialis order cialis no preascription acheter cialis cialis roma comprar cialis viagra generique viagra viagra viagra
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