Sunday, February 17, 2013


Facepalm Redux

The Mitchell, South Dakota, Daily Republic has an interesting letter to the editor that the Sensuous Curmudgeon hasn't gotten to yet. The author, one Frank Larry Hayne, is angry:
The theory of evolution makes me so angry. I was wondering if anybody thinks about the first two syllables of the word and sees what it sounds like: Evil.
Heh! "Evilution" is hardly an original thought ... and the rest of Mr. Hayne's letter displays the same ... er ... creativity:
People have made evolution an idol. They worship it. If anybody looks up the word religion in the dictionary, they will find the meaning of it is any system of faith and worship, and the people that teach it do worship it.
"Worship," of course, means looking at the scientific evidence and reaching a supportable conclusion.
Therefore, if they worship it, it's a religion, and if it's a religion, what about the new so called law of separation of church and state?
New separation of church and state? Even if you don't count the First Amendment, effective in 1791, and only count the Supreme Court's modern understanding of the concept in the 1947 case of Everson v. Board of Education, 65 years hardly counts a "new. " Trust me, I know about that!

But the notion that any thing that some nut calls "religion" is banned from public schools is amusing/frightening. Heliocentrism need not apply to public school textbooks!

Just in case you thought that Mr. Hayne had any clue what the Constitution says, there is this:
I don't believe that the religion evolution should be taught in schools. Also, I believe that the religion Christianity should be taught in schools.
In other words, separation of church and state means he can separate any "religion," except his own, from the state.

I don't have migraines, I just keep smacking my forehead.

What about sports religion?

Did you ever notice athletes praying? Or the religious ceremonies at the Olympics games?

Well, hell! I've practiced that religion myself. In my defense, the 69-70 Knicks were gods!
Supporting certain football teams in the UK (soccer, The Beautiful Game, not the armored rugby that passes for football in the US)was very much an act of faith, belief that they could win triumphing over abundant evidence that they couldn't.
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