Thursday, July 04, 2013


Happy Fourth of July

It's time for fireworks, barbecues and for the Discovery [sic] Institute to try to enlist Thomas Jefferson as an Intelligent Design advocate.

This time, it is the ever ridiculous David Klinghoffer. Amusingly, Klinghoffer reveals the real purpose of ID right at the outset:
The Huffington Post pleasantly surprised us today with an excellent piece on the necessary role of faith in public life, by James Robison and Discovery Institute's Jay Richards.
Yeah, they want to make faith part of science too.

Of course, there is a lot wrong with that article but that's another post.

Klinghoffer just dredges up the same old quotemine.

But, hey, if they had anything new, they wouldn't still be channeling William Paley, would they?

I'd like to point out the statement that "all men are created equal" is about individuals, not about collectives. Collectives being things like populations, species, or "kinds"; the subject matter of evolutionary biology - or of creationism.

Not only that, but it is a statement by individuals, who are trying to influence other individuals. Klinghoffer tacitly admits that:

Perceiving the existence of a cosmic author behind the designs of life and nature is certainly no guarantee of liberal values but those values are hard to justify without it. In the absence of a common designer, the presumption of human dignity and equality has no anchor -- it's just wishful thinking.

So, despite the fact that Jefferson was arguing against what was perceived as the "Divine Right of Kings" and despite his own acknowledgement that theism is not supportive of (if not actively against) human rights, Klinghoffer still manages, with ultimate irony, to call reason and evidence, instead of faith, "wishful thinking."
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