Sunday, July 14, 2013


One Way to Start a Movement

William Owens, of the National Organization for Marriage, is out to start a movement:
You think we did something during the Civil Rights Movement? This is our Civil Rights Movement…. We are going to fight to the end, we are not going to give up, we are going to fight like we fought to get civil rights, like we marched for miles and miles and miles, we took the heat, whatever it took, we are going to stand for the family.
Because, of course, the Civil Rights Movement was all about protecting "traditional" race relations against the radical liberal agenda.

But is he standing for biblical marriage?

-- pew sitter
Well, with the possible exceptions of polygamy and concubines (slave marriage might be up in the air), I suspect he wouldn't have much problem with biblical marriage.
The only movement his kind start are bowel movements.
Oops! The image with your post didn't register immediately.
The image with your post didn't register immediately.

I have a fondness for what Wilkins would call visual punes.
What is the relationship of the title to this article?
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