Sunday, July 21, 2013


Pat Robertson, Progressive

Like it or not, if you read the Bible, in the Old Testament, slavery was permitted ... we have moved in our conception of the value of human beings over the years until we realized slavery was terribly wrong.
Hmmmm ... Here's Pat again:

I was reading today ... I happened to be reading Leviticus and there is a list of sexual sins and it has to do with sex with an animal ... it has to do with adultery ... it has to do with other types of sexual misconduct ... incest, etc. And it also has to do with homosexuality ... it's an offense ... it's an abomination for a man to lie with a man as with a woman, that's what it says, and those who do that in the Old Testament were stoned to death. Now, God goes on to say, that nations who were doing these things were vomited out of the lands, that the land was upset by it and the land vomited them out. ...

For some reason now the Supreme Court has said homosexuality is now a constitutional right ... homosexual marriage ... this decision that was handed down recently by the majority glorifies this activity and talks about the civil rights and all this, well the Bible didn't talk about civil rights it talked about this was an offense against God and it was an offense against the land and the land would vomit you out. ...

Which is going to take precedence? The Supreme Court of the United States or the holy word of God?
In the Old Testament they also stoned adulterers and those who committed incest but we haven't been doing that in the US much lately. And a hint, Pat, when it comes to the law of the United States, the Constitution, as interpreted by the Supreme Court, takes precedent.

The Bible didn't talk about the civil rights of slaves either, though we've moved beyond that, right Pat? But it's been 145 years since the 14th Amendment and I guess it will take Pat and his ilk a while to catch up to the change in our conception of the value of LGBT human beings.

When they finally do, conservative Christians will be telling everyone how they led the fight for marriage equality, just the way they tell us now how it was the church that led the fight against slavery.

So the Bible was wrong about slavery but right about homosexuality. I seem to have missed the bit where Robertson told us how he decided - and by what authority - which parts are right and which are wrong.
It's like how it's OK to let modern science, rather than the plain reading of the Bible, determine what we think about geocentrism.

While modern science has no value in understanding evolution.

As James McGrath has often pointed out, Biblical "literalists" have to ignore huge swaths of the Bible in order to take it "literally." And they have to deny the Bible is literally true in order not to appear to be barbaric theocrats.

Rock/Hard Place.
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Really, Dennis ... try to get a life.
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