Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Philosophy Phight!

I knew it!

Philosophers are not nice people!

From HuffPo, "Philosophy Is Dangerous! Immanuel Kant Debate In Russia Leads To Fist Fight, Ends In Gunshots":
MOSCOW -- An argument in southern Russia over philosopher Immanuel Kant, the author of "Critique of Pure Reason," devolved into pure mayhem when one debater shot the other.

A police spokeswoman in Rostov-on Don, Viktoria Safarova, said two men in their 20s were discussing Kant as they stood in line to buy beer at a small store on Sunday. The discussion deteriorated into a fistfight and one participant pulled out a small nonlethal pistol and fired repeatedly.

The victim was hospitalized with injuries that were not life-threatening. Neither person was identified.

It was not clear which of Kant's ideas may have triggered the violence.
When will we have the pay-per-view of Nagel v. Dennett?

Wittgenstein's Poker

But no one was, in that case, actually hit, IIRC.
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