Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Can't They Just Shut Up?

State Rep. Rick Saccone of Pennsylvania is pushing one of the Discovery [sic] Institute's phony "academic freedom" laws. Back in April, there was an article in the Murrysville (Pennsylvania) Star about one of the big supporters of the law, Donn Chapman, senior pastor at Cornerstone Ministries, who held a six-week "Origins" series that included Paul Nelson of the DI.

That article was revealing enough but now there are further details in a new article (amusingly enough, from Al Jazeera America):
The pastor of Cornerstone Ministries in Murraysville, Pa., last spring hosted a six-part series, Origins, in which he portrayed the teaching of evolution as a triumph of secularists and "neo-Darwinists" who want "to drive God from the marketplace and ... keep us from being able to give God the glory for what he's done."

"We are the spiritual children of the founders of this nation," Chapman said. "This has been stolen from us. We need to take it back and give it back to God."
But ID and "academic freedom" have nothing to do with religion ... because the DI tells us so!

Although Saccone said in an interview that the "academic freedom" bill had nothing to do with religion, he told the Origins class, "God is part of our government. We just need to get the word out. We, too, can turn back to our godly heritage."
Thank you Pastor Chapman and Rep. Saccone. If this act ever becomes law, you've made it soooo much easier.

The poor DI ... they just can't get the faithful to understand the 'nudge, nudge, wink, wink, know what I mean" strategy.

Via Ed Brayton

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"the Discovery [sic] Institute"
I prefer to call them the iDIots from Seattle. That's an insult of course, but no ad hominem as you convincingly show in your article.
the iDIots from Seattle

That doesn't mean they don't have a certain low cunning. If they could get the faithful to follow the script, they might make some progress in getting around the Constitution. As it is, they have succeeded in many parts of the country to weaken the teaching of science in elementary/high schools.
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