Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Banging Away!

Aw! ... sad news folks!

Remember that cinematic blockbuster proposed by "Award-Winning Filmmaker and FaithWords Author Joe Amaral"? You know, the one where he was going to "explore some of the most amazing facts and attributes about earth ... analyzing the importance of gravity, oxygen, water, atmosphere and distance from the sun" to investigate whether "the Holy Bible's description of creation fit with what we know from physics and science"?

Well, it seems that his Kickstarter campaign has failed. Amaral was looking to raise $19,500 CAD but only got to $9,657.

In the interest of artistic advancement (and the possibility of much hilarity) maybe I can offer a suggestion ... next time don't use the working title "God's Big Bang."

Your intended funding base might just be a little put off by a proposed film that sounds like it is going to star Johnny Wadd.

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