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How else could you describe this?

The Daily Register of Harrisburg, Illinois has an article about how evolution (termed "change over time" by the Illinois State School Board of Education) is actually taught in local schools.

Correctly defining Intelligent Design as "a form of creationism which proposes that 'certain features of the universe and living things are best explained by an intelligent cause, not an undirected process such as natural selection,'" the paper surveys a number of schools as to when and how evolution is taught and if ID is offered as an alternative.

Most say that "change over time" is taught and that ID isn't (though one mealy-mouthed principal said that he "was unaware if the theory of intelligent design was being addressed by the high school science teacher").

But one principal stated:
[T]he theory of change over time was taught at the freshman to sophomore level in the science classes. The theory of intelligent design was presented as an "alternate belief system" and neither theory was given more emphasis as to validity.
And the name of that principal? ... Wait for it! ...

Karen Crank!

Chills, man, chills!

One point. Principles are managers. Many were teachers... decades ago. Very, very few (in fact none that I have ever even heard of) were science teachers.

Honestly, principles are morons when it comes to what is being taught in the classroom. I once got a "talking to" for teaching evolution in my classroom. I had to show the principle that it was actually required instruction by the state of Texas and would be present on the test the 10th and 11th graders would take. She didn't know and was upset by a parent complaint.

You don't ask principles this kind of thing. You ask teachers, who won't answer because the principles and school boards won't allow teachers to talk to press, take surveys, or join professional organizations or any of that stuff that isn't about walking around football games looking for kids selling dope or making out under the bleachers.
I am more than willing to accept Ms. Crank's moron status. Let's hope she is wrong in this instance about what the kids are being taught in her school.

Of course, this was all tongue-in-cheek in any case.

Karen Crank!

OMG! Another instance of [gasp] nominative determinism! It must be design!
IHS beat me to it. I have never seen better evidence for an Intelligent Designer.
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