Thursday, April 03, 2014


Pat Answers!

I bet you didn't know that Sweden is just like North Korea!

Silly person!

Pat Robertson's Christian Broadcasting Network had a report about how Swedish critics of Islam and immigration are facing North Korean-style oppression.

You know ... like how "Dear Leader Kim Jong-un" can have his own uncle executed for clapping "half-heartedly" when Kim was elected vice chairman of the country's central military commission.

Or, maybe not. The report does note that critics of Swedish society are unlikely to be shot but "your life could become very unpleasant." As compared, say, to the peaches and cream time that the "Evil Little Thing," Jessica Ahlquist, had.

And, of course, Sweden's "Stalinist-style atmosphere" means that it will eventually become a "Third World nation." because ... reasons!

Pat was shocked, SHOCKED, by that "frightening" report and because the fact that critics "can be killed by political correctness shows what can happen here," despite the same report saying you can't be killed for it.

Why, it's almost like reality shifts from minute to minute.

If you ask me Postman Pat is jealous of Kim Wrong 'Un because he'd secretly like the power to make those who displease him ascend to a different plane of existence with impunity.

Especially Swedes.

"Bork, bork, bork!"
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