Wednesday, October 08, 2014


The Tears of a Clown

The wingnuts are, of course, losing their collective minds over the recent developments in same sex marriage. A sampling from Right Wing Watch:
... Janet Mefferd condemned the "lawlessness" of the U.S. judicial system following recent court decisions that have advanced marriage equality for same-sex couples. ...

"They get away with it. You just push the lawless limit and see how much you can get away with, and unfortunately, people are getting away with an awful lot," she said. "I don't understand why there aren't more Christians yelling and screaming — nicely, of course — on this issue of lawlessness. Do we not care about lawlessness? How do you have a republic without law, the rule of law and the respect for law? How does a republic survive when it loses respect for the law?"
Well, the law includes this little thing called the Constitution and the Bill of Rights that prevents majorities from denying rights other people have to minorities. As to why there aren't more Christians yelling and screaming, most of them don't care because they can't see how gay marriage hurts them or society in general. In short, unlike you, they are rational
American Family Association's Sandy Rios ...

"If we don't do something, I think we're going to see — and this is radical — I think we're going to see riots in the street, we're going to see starvation, we're going to see things we have never seen before, we're going to see a complete breakdown in terms of law enforcement, it's going to be a nightmare," she said.
Did you enjoy that big bowl of hyperbole for breakfast today?
Anti-LGBT activist and Colorado Republican state legislative candidate Gordon Klingenschmitt ...

THIS JUST IN: Sodomy is still banned by God in all 50 states. Gay marriage now "legal" in 30 states? Only 3 states voted for that, meaning it was imposed on kids in 27 states by oligarchs, against the voters' will. 38 states had bans before this judicial TYRANNY overruled the people's will. God will have the last word. …

Will Christians work this hard, to defend their children from such an agenda to normalize sin and recruit your kids? Legislation. Ballot Work. Courts. All fronts in all states.
Random capitalization ... the wingnuts' signature. And you might notice Gordy, "Legislation. Ballot Work. Courts" has failed, which is what you are complaining about right now.

But my favorite:
Peter LaBarbera of Americans For Truth About Homosexuality ...

Each decision bastardizes America's noble quest for racial justice by invoking "equality" for unions based on disordered sexual behavior that can never be "equal" to God-ordained sex within marriage. Now the nation's highest court is content to let the ongoing disenfranchisement become law. ...

Homosexual activists yearn to be told that their defining sin is not a sin at all—and legalizing genderless "marriage" is their holy grail to achieve that end. "Love is love," we are told, or rather scolded. But God is not mocked: the Scriptures are clear that homosexual practice is an offense against both God and the very bodies of those who practice it (as is all sexual immorality).
So, naturally, all those lawyers arguing against marriage equality were lying when they claimed that these bans had a secular purpose.

Drinking these tears is so sweet.

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