Sunday, November 09, 2014


Stupid for God

James David Manning may be the most ridiculous far right religious figure in America today (and imagine the competition for that title in a country that also contains Gordon Klingenschmitt, Rick Wiles and Bryan Fischer!).

His latest (you can watch it above if you have the stomach for it) is that, as Right Wing Watch puts it:
He managed to link a recent small protest outside of his church, where two people handed out Starbucks coffee, to “homosexual sodomite” Dr. Craig Spencer, the New York man who contracted Ebola in Guinea (and who has a girlfriend).

“Starbucks is a place where these types frequent and a lot of body fluids are exchanged there and Ebola,” Manning said, warning that Starbucks has been “taking specimens of male semen and they were putting it in the blends of their lattes.” He added: “My suspicion is that they’re getting their semen from sodomites. Somebody has discovered that semen like cord blood has millions of little zygotes in it and flavors up the coffee, and makes you thinks you’re having a good time.”
The "zygotes" in semen (Tom S is going to love that reversion to the homunculus theory) are important because "drinking Starbucks is some sort of a sacrificial ritual bath where they kill the innocent babies and drink their blood in some of these meetings that are had by these fraternal or sorority groups."

This is "the absolute truth" because the website Inquisitr reported on it. The only problem is that Inquisitr's article said the story was "[o]riginally written by Huzlers," a site that has the disclaimer:
ABOUT US is a combination of real shocking news and satirical entertainment to keep its visitors in a state of disbelief.
Indeed, Inquisitr followed up with a story about Manning's claim that ended:
James David Manning used the Inquisitr as a source, specifically the article questioning if Starbucks uses semen samples in their coffee beverages nationwide, and that an FDA investigation is being initiated. He went on to say he believes that Starbucks does use semen samples, and even made a reference on how Coca-Cola formerly used cocaine as an ingredient in their soda pop. The only issue with his claim is that his source concludes their report that Starbucks does not use semen in their coffee beverages, and the site that originally reported such a claim is known for satire news.
There's no stupid quite like the stupid for God!

After reading that I was amusing myself by wondering what would happen if the Westboro Baptist Church got an anonymous tip that Manning was secretly gay and their protesters were supplied with Starbucks coffee by an anonymous "sympathizer" when they turned up to protest outside his house.
Hmmm ... I think it would be a case of stupid on stupid and no harm done!

(P.S. Should I call or have you already done it?)
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