Wednesday, June 07, 2006


It's Been a Pleasure

"If we didn't believe in miracles, we wouldn't have spent our vacation money to come here," said Sandra Rodrigues of Utah, who with her family has been standing outside the Russell Senate Office Building all week, shouting at senators and displaying signs urging "Stop Same Sex Marriage: It Endorses Masturbation." "If same-sex marriage is endorsed," she explained, "then you're going to have children think it's just another option to have pleasure."

Betcha thought that was from The Onion, right?

Nope. Washington Post, "For Foes of Same-Sex Marriage, It's the Thought That Counts" by Dana Milbank.

Besides a tip of the hat to Mr. Milbank for the irony of the headline, I don't have anything to say. I mean, how could you top it anyway?

That's just too weird. How do these people manage to get around in current US society without their heads exploding or something?
My goodness - there are so many people out there who secretly want to have homosexual sex, aren't there? If it's as repulsive as they claim it is, why do they think their kids will be attracted?w
"For Foes of Same-Sex Marriage, It's the Thought That Counts"
....for very loose definitions of the word "thought".
And here I thought it was just regular marriage that caused
masturbation. Mine excepted, of course . . .
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