Sunday, October 18, 2009


Wilkins World Tour Meets Howlerfest

John Wilkins' World Tour arrived with much pomp and circumstances in New York where he was waylaid by a group of Howler Monkeys (and one refugee) from the newsgroup and forced to consume copious amounts of beer and dead animals against his will. Below is a photo* taken before all the debauchery had taken full effect.

As you can see, the Howlers were using mind control rays to compel Wilkins to consume the comestibles.

The nine-fingered philosopher uses his favorite pointing device to accentuate an argument.

Professor Stephanie Stephanie was already a little blurry due to drink.

I think there will be other photos of the proceedings online eventually.

A good time was had by all ... and maybe someday I'll remember it.


* From left to right: Matt and Cathy Silberstein, Maude Morris, seated is Paul Gans wife (whose name has, shamefully, slipped my so-called mind - Update: John has helpfully supplemented my hindbrain: Gail), Bill Morris, our host, Chris Thompson (in the wonderful Hawaiian shirt), The Great Man Himself, Mitch Coffey, Pauls Gans and the disreputable sort on the right, about to break into a rousing chorus of "I'm a Lumberjack and I'm OK," is yours truly. The picture was taken by Chis' daughter Jade.


Never trust anyone with nine fingers. You don't want to be where they are.. at least, not if evolution is true.
It's been a _long_ time since I was a regular on t.o (or any Usenet newsgroup, for that matter), but I wish I could have been there.

Semper Alouatta!

Joel Hanes
Houseman Scholar in Experimental Apologetics
University of Ediacara

go, you fighting Anomalocarids !!
I'm sure we all would have enjoyed digging up an Ediacarian fossil!

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