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Albert Mohler is shocked, shocked to find that polygamy is going on in here!

It seems that a Federal judge* has:
... ruled late Friday that part of the state's law prohibiting "cohabitation" — the language used in the law to restrict polygamous relationships — violates the First Amendment guarantee of free exercise of religion, as well as constitutional due process. He left standing the state's ability to prohibit multiple marriages "in the literal sense" of having two or more valid marriage licenses.
This is, according to the title of Mohler's article "Moral Mayhem Multiplied."

You mean that Abraham, Isaac, Solomon and (God's favorite) King David were committing moral mayhem?

Of course, the chief villain to Mohler is Justice Kennedy who, as the "swing" vote, thought that gays should not be imprisoned for consensual acts between adults and, since that was the case, we shouldn't have laws otherwise penalizing gays for what some states freely allow them to do. Talk about your moral mayhem ... allowing gays to have actual rights!!!

The funny part is this:
Of course, the moral revolution that has transformed marriage in our times did not start with the demand for legal same-sex marriage. It did not begin with homosexuality at all, but with the sexual libertinism that demanded (and achieved) a separation of marriage and sex, liberating sex from the confines of marriage. So sex was separated from marriage, and then sex was separated from the expectation of procreation** and child-rearing. Marriage was separated from sex, sex was separated from reproduction, and the revolution was launched.
Sex being separated from reproduction is the problem? The suit was brought by Kody Brown, who stars in "Sister Wives," the reality television show, and who, along with his four wives, has 17 children!

What? Isn't that enough reproduction for you, Al?

* The judge was appointed by George Bush the Lesser.

** To no one's surprise at all, the real wingnut complaint is contraception. God wants 'em barefoot and pregnant! Strangely, Kody seems to have fallen down on in that regard ... somehow.

Tangential to the main point: that's another sighting of a prominent fundy Protestant sounding like a Catholic w.r.t. contraception. This is a new trend -- it was rare 30 years ago, when I was in a position to care.

They copy each other, don't they?
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