Tuesday, February 27, 2007


From the Corral

Never one to forsake the bludgeoning of moribund Equidae, here's a little more on the wit and wisdom of Ben Bridges. Of course, there could hardly be anything else but little more on that topic ...

A memo was sent out in the name of Bridges, a Georgia State Representative, to various other state legislatures, urging action against the teaching of evolution in public schools because it, and other foundational scientific theories, such as the Big Bang and even heliocentrism, are supposedly a Rabbinic plot linked to the Kabbala to undermine "Christian" origins beliefs.

Umm ... didn't those "Christian origins beliefs" themselves originate in the Old Testament, authored by ... oh, never mind ... what's the use?

Bridges denies sending the memo and says that Marshall Hall, president of the Fair Education Foundation Inc., a Cornelia, Ga.-based organization that maintains the website that originated these claims, actually sent it.

"I did not put it out nor did I know it was going out," Bridges said. "I’m not defending it or taking up for it."
Au contraire, says Hall:

"I gave him a copy of it months ago," said Hall, a retired high school teacher. "I had already written this up as an idea to present to him so he could see what it was and what we were thinking."
Well, if he's going to put it that way, it's no wonder Bridges missed it ... given how small the target was and all ...

Bridges mustered every bit of political acumen at his disposal, however:

Asked about the ADL’s call for an apology, Bridges said: "I regret that these people have been offended, but I didn’t offend them because I didn’t put the memo out." ...

Bridges said the views in the memo belong to Hall, though Bridges said he doesn’t necessarily disagree with them.

"I agree with it more than I would the Big Bang Theory or the Darwin Theory," Bridges said. "I am convinced that rather than risk teaching a lie why teach anything?"
It's obvious that whoever was responsible for Bridges' education held the same philosophy ... in spades!

With minor plagiarism from Robyn Blumner of the Sacramento Bee.

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