Sunday, September 02, 2007


Happy Day After the Day After ...

Okay, so maybe I'm too literal about Blog Day's instruction to find "new, previously unknown blogs" to recommend, given that some people have pointed at my tired old (though all-but-unknown) bones. So here are four more (in no particular order) to go with my previous recommendation of Laelaps: Two are new to me and if the other two are new to you, you should correct the oversight.

Astrona: Space & Astronomical Art Journal is an online collection of space, astronomical and science fiction art containing many, many examples of those genres, with the usual mix of good and bad.

Further Thoughts by Ian Ramjohn, a biologist from Trinidad and Tobago currently residing in Oklahoma (talk about culture shock!), with interests in plants and plant ecology, science education, the evolution-creation wars and progressive Christianity, is one that I have just discovered thanks to Technorati. Ian, despite his other abilities, had the questionable judgment to call one of my posts "a good one, as usual" (I can be influenced but at least I have the virtue of being cheap).

I've previously recommended (but what the heck) Primordial Blog, authored by Brian Larnder, a grade 5, 6, 7 teacher in Ross River, Yukon, whose "dream as a child was to get a PhD in Geology, join the ranks of the Institute for Creation Research and prove conclusively that the earth was only 6,000 years old." Fortunately for our side, he got gob-smacked by reality while attending university.

Another that I've previously recommended that has yet to attain Pharyngula-like status (just so everyone realizes just what my endorsement means) is Beautiful Biology, by "Ms. SuperScience," who has perhaps the most terrifying job in the world: high school science teacher. It's fine to hear about the theory of science education but no less valuable are "dispatches from the front."

Terrifying?! Nah. Only during Homecoming Week... :) Thanks for the kind words John!
Thanks so much for the recommendation.

Talking about culture shock in Oklahoma, some of the things that surprised me were familiar relative to Trinidad, but surprising against the backdrop of my experience in people driving with a beer in their hand or riding motorbike without helmets (or both) and pump jacks everywhere you turn (though, granted, seeing one in the middle of the runway as we prepared to land, that's the kind of thing you wouldn't see even in Trinidad. Even we aren't crazy enough to try to land planes between the oil wells).

On the other hand, nothing prepared me for "no guns allowed" stickers on the doors of buses and fast food stores.
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