Monday, December 03, 2007


Bad Advice

There is an opinion piece in Sidelines Online, the student newspaper of Middle Tennessee State University by Benjamin Harris, "a senior guitar performance major" that makes a good point about Intelligent Design Creationism:

Over time the science that Darwin's book founded, evolutionary biology, has gained a foothold in public education after a long uphill struggle. However, some people want to undermine science education by introducing a religious disclaimer into the curriculum.

They have repackaged Biblical creationism as "intelligent design" in an attempt to pawn it off as science in order to circumvent laws that prohibit pushing religion in public schools.

ID is, in fact, an attempt to post an intellectual Surgeon General's warning in public school classrooms that thinking is bad for believing what some people want children to believe without any questions asked.

It's nice to know that young people at universities in the American south who aren't science majors are getting the message ... including through Wikipedia, doing what it should be doing, giving a global picture of a topic.

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