Saturday, January 17, 2009


Academic Freedom Day Watch

Down to the wire!

Less than a week to go until the entry period for the Discovery Institute's Academic Freedom Day Video and Essay Contest closes and there are still no videos posted at the contest's YouTube site.

But wait a minute! The contest, originally scheduled to close on January 23, 2009 (no doubt to allow the judges time to sort through the massive number of entries) has now been extended to January 30, 2009!

Now all you budding design theorists get cracking!

The early bird gets the fabulous prize:

One grand-prize winner will be announced and have his or her entry officially unveiled at on Academic Freedom Day, February 12th 2009. The grand-prize winner will be awarded $500, and one essay runner-up and one video runner-up will receive $250. Up to 10 finalists will receive their choice of a free book or DVD.

Hmmmm ... maybe I should do a video. The odds of winning are looking pretty good and 500 bucks is 500 bucks. After all, we all know the DI is too honest not to award the prize ...

Update: To see a parody of "Academic Freedom Day" that, like all good parodies, captures the essence of the Discovery Institute's intent, go to Academic Free-For-All Day.

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