Saturday, March 28, 2009


Hamming It Up

I noted before the hypocrisy of Ken Ham complaining about one of his minions being "ambushed" by an expected radio interview supposedly being changed without warning into a debate with a creationism critic. Michael Zimmerman, head of the Clergy Letter Project, recounted Ham participating in just such an ambush of Professor Zimmerman with the added bonus of Zimmerman being told that a minor deception of this sort was acceptable in order to further God's wishes.

Ham has now whined that it wasn't him but the talk-show host, he never heard of Zimmerman and the dog ate his homework. A commenter at my place asked if there was a retraction in the works. I indicated that I had not seen anywhere in Ham's litany of excuses that he had remonstrated with the host, told him his actions were unChristian or refused to go on with the host's plan. In short, my statement that Ham participated in the ambush stood, as does my opinion that he condones "liars for Christ."

Professor Zimmerman has now expanded on what was said. I have even less inclination (if that's possible) to retract anything I've said about Ham.

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