Tuesday, June 26, 2012


The What Me Worry State

Alfred E. ("Bobby") Jindal, governor of what used to be known as the Pelican State, has helped make it the laughing stock of the world.

That should really help the economy of Louisiana and the reputation of its universities!

Maybe he can make it up with conventions ... something like:
"Mad Magazine: Don't just read it, live it in Louisiana!"

Maybe Jindal will invite Ken Ham to open a theme park in Louisiana. It could show Adam and Eve taking a vacation to Scotland after being expelled from Eden and going for rides on the monster up and down Loch Ness.
Well, since scientists are supposedly becoming more convinced of the existence of [non-avian] dinosaurs today, the state can finance an expedition to Scotland to capture one of those plesiosaurs [cough, non-dinosaurs] and bring it back to Louisiana. If Shamu can make such a hit at Sea World ...
Maybe they could take all the crazies from here in Texas. But they probably don't have enough room.
Another thought: someone should write to Jindal and suggest the Louisiana Department of (snigger) Education adopt the Loch Ness monster or plesiosaur as the departmental emblem.
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